Electronic Shelf Labels (Electronic Shelf Label, ESL) - is a modern system for managing prices on shelves and transferring up-to-date data from the accounting system to price tags.

Electronic price tags a global trend in trade automation. Electronic Price Tag Solutions are widely used in supermarkets, shops and pharmacies in Europe and America

Why do retailers use electronic price tags?

First of all, for effective price management (the price on an electronic price tag can change in seconds), conducting marketing activities, ensuring customer satisfaction.

esl_schuar__500x281 Electronic Shelf Label | Single Center Management

Electronic Shelf Labels

No more domestic and national production of Electronic Shelf Labels and the price differences of Safes and Shelves!

As shelf labeling is a labor intensive, human-oriented, error-prone and extremely difficult to control application, it is inevitable that the product will differ between the shelf price and the case price.

Electronic shelf labels provide speed and efficiency in the retail industry, where the variety of brands and products is increasing day by day. By providing integration with the ERP or any other software you are using, all product updates (price, barcode, QR code, features, contents, picture, etc.) that you will make from a single center are sent to the labels on the shelves within seconds. Since the prices of the case and shelf are updated together, the price difference is eliminated.

Product Catalogue

You can reach the PDF catalog of our electronic shelf label products that we produce here.